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suggestion post 
3rd-Nov-2013 04:25 pm
♀ britney spears | pink slave
Sometimes I forget about things that'd be fun to icon and I get tunnel-vision on certain subjects. So, I decided to make a suggestion post so those of you who enjoy my icons can post a comment to here on things you'd like to see :) Once comments are posted I'll keep a list on this post of all those suggestions. As for now, the list is subjects I'd like to do myself.

christopher meloni, jesse williams, johnny depp, kevin mckidd, patrick dempsey

britney spears, ellen pompeo, jennifer aniston, jessica capshaw, katherine heigl, mariska hargitay, sandra oh, sara ramirez,

tv shows
brooklyn nine-nine, friends, grey's anatomy, modern family, rizzoli & isles, svu

dark shadows, hotel translyvania, the heat
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