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chicswank's Journal

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Welcome to chicswank, a community created by championn for graphics. The community closed for a little over a year but I decided to try and come back to making graphics.

Want to become an affiliate? Go to the affiliate page here.
Looking for something? Find it either in the sidebar or tags.

what you need to know.

01. All entries will be locked so you have to join to see any entries. Why? So the stuff you use here gets credited :).
02. Please credit as: maker @ chicswank.
03. Do not repost anything unless given permission.
04. Comments are very appreciated. It helps motivate to make graphics and what subjects.
05. Should I learn of any member not crediting, claiming work as their own, anything that goes against the rules, I will contact you. If it's a mistake I will give you that second chance. However, if it persists it will result in being banned.


championn ♦ owner/maker

currently not accepting additional makers.

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